The SFR and BTR investment platform. Powered by AI, managed by experts.

Source, acquire, renovate, lease, and manage single-family rentals all from one place with streamlined workflows powered by AI.

The modern SFR and BTR investment experience

Zorba is the all-in-one SFR and BTR platform that streamlines and automates the entire workflow for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Source & Acquire

Our proprietary data and analytics tools are utilized to identify under-valued properties which our experts can underwrite in under 90 seconds with our advanced AI-driven technology.


Our local renovation partners elevate the properties to first-rate standards.


Our property management partners secure long-term, high-quality tenants.


Our extensive local network delivers a first-rate tenant experience and outstanding returns on investment.

How it Works?

Your Listing
Buy Box
Customize your buying preferences to fit your investment strategy and goals.
Match with target off-market properties 24/7. Our algorithm uses 200+ institutional-grade data sources to identify properties that match your Buy Box criteria, nationwide.
Automated Underwriting
Zorba’s exclusive automated underwriting model analyzes a property in just seconds instead of days, saving you valuable time on each offer without compromising quality or security.
Leverage the power of Zorba as your national brokerage to purchase properties more quickly and knowledgeably than ever before.
Zorba provides everything you need to successfully operate properties at scale, including inspections, title, financing, and property management.

Evolve your SFR & BTR strategy today

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