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Don't wait for the buyers to call, find and connect with the most active cash buyers that would buy your property today!

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Win With the Right Data

Leverage Zorba's AI-powered nationwide investors database to close more deals in your market.

Save time

Within an hour, you'll be talking to the only investors who would buy your property. No more spending time on unqualified buyers.

Automated Due Diligence

See the buyers' performance history based on their recent transactions by comparing their purchase prices to market values.

Pay for results

No subscription fees, you only pay for reports that have matching buyers.


Automate your marketing by reaching the right contacts with highly personalized campaigns that rely on the prospects' real-time activity.


Active investors per property report
  • Real-time transaction data
  • Unlimited number of buyers
  • Pay only for succesful result
  • Investor contact details
  • Export .csv file with your contacts


How our report works?

Click "Generate Report" and submit the address of your property.
Data collection
We’ll fetch your listing’s data from multiple sources, including Tax Assessor Data, Recorder databases, FEMA, and other sources that investors use to make decisions.
Our AI-trained LLM model will match your property with the most active investors in your market, focusing on those who have purchased properties in the last 90 days based on their transaction history.
Connect & Sell
Our report includes the contact information of the acquisition personnel who purchased recent homes, so you can reach out to them directly and get their offer.

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